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Minnesota 529 College Savings Plan: Q & A forum

Nov 30, 2020

Join a Minnesota College Savings Plan specialist for a live informal question and answer session Monday, November 30th, 2020 at 11 AM Central time. RSVP is required, and instructions will be sent via email. This will provide an opportunity to discuss a quick question or two you may have but don’t have time to research. We can also walk through the online enrollment process as well.

Learn about saving for college with the Minnesota 529 College Savings Plan.

This Q & A session will cover:

  • Questions you may have about the MN529 College Savings Plan
  • Walk through the online enrollment process

*Please be cognizant that there will be no tax expert on this call. If you have a tax related question you will want to speak with a tax professional.

Meeting type: Web & Audio via Zoom

Follow this link to register:

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